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Transforming Triggers

Fundraiser: Pay-What-You-Can Webinar for The International Focusing Institute

Have you noticed how the holiday season has a way of intensifying the way we feel? For some, this time of the year feels uplifting, full of celebration and connection. And, for others this time of the year is hard, fraught with family tension, tenderness and loneliness. Perhaps, it’s more of a marbled mix. No wonder it can be such a triggering time!

Are you wanting to feeling less triggered? Less taken over and caught up in that emotional current of too much?

If so, join me for an experiential webinar where you'll be invited to turn toward what's triggering you in a safe and skillful way so you can feel more steady and balanced before taking any next steps.  


 Lauren Taub Cohen

You may be wondering, Why would I want to turn toward what's triggering me?  Won't that cause additional stress and suffering?  Great questions!

Feeling triggered is your body’s way of signaling that something in your present experience is activating an unhealed hurt from your past. There’s some good reason why you’re feeling explosive, panicky, helpless and/or pleasing and appeasing.

As you’re with the body feel of being triggered in a Focusing way, you create the conditions for tension to ease, insights to emerge and healing to happen.


In this webinar you'll learn  ...

  • how to resource yourself in an embodied way 

  • the science behind resourcing

  • how resourcing can cultivate your capacity and ability to turn toward what's hard and difficult 

  • how to be with what's triggering you without getting overwhelmed 

  • how what's triggering you can grow you 

  • how to be with your experience in a curious, respectful and allowing way so you create the conditions for the shifts you seek

Webinar Information

When: December 14th

Time: 1pm to 3pm ET

Where: Zoom* 

This webinar will be recorded and available to all registered particiapnts. 

Fee: Pay what you can

How to Register

To register for this webinar CLICK HERE or visit:

Some familiarity with Focusing may be helpful but no prior experience with Focusing is required.


All are welcome to attend and participate.

Transforming Triggers is part of my six-week course, Coming Back to You: Combining Somatic Experiencing® & Inner Relationship Focusing to Help HeaI Developmental Trauma. That course will be offered in January 2024.


For more information CLICK HERE or visit

* Please note, this webinar is not psychotherapy or a substitute for psychotherapy. MetaMinds® is not diagnosing, prescribing for or treating any physical or mental ailments or conditions.

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