Movement Sessions

Kane School Pilates Mat Certified Instructor

Prajna Yoga Certified Instructor

I am a certified yoga and Pilates mat instructor with an acute understanding of how our life experiences (stress, grief, trauma...) affect our bodies.

I became a yoga and Pilates teacher because I didn't like how well-meaning instructors would aggressively manipulate my body and thrust it into "correct" alignment. Those painful experiences, combined with my study of trauma-sensitive yoga and Somatic Experiencing, have helped inform my approach as a movement instructor.

When working with me, you will not be prodded, poked or startled by unwanted adjustments. I rely on verbal cues and gentle assists to safely guide clients in and out of exercises to develop strength, flexibility, and an awareness of their bodies. This is a collaborative partnership and process because you know your body (and its history) better than anyone else. Therefore, it's my responsibility to listen to you and your body as we work together to achieve your goals. Sessions are conducted in the privacy of your home, and I will bring with me an assortment of props to help maximize the benefits of different poses and exercises without compromising form. Don't worry if you've never tried yoga or Pilates before. No prior experience is necessary! Click here if you'd like to learn more about me and how I came to respect the mind-body connection.

Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have and/or to discuss pricing.