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Teaching/ Presenting Testimonials 

“Words cannot accurately describe how impressed we were with Lauren's approach to education, which is clearly informed by her meditation practice, knowledge of child development and the latest research in the field of neuroscience. She understood the futility of 'lecturing' students into becoming more resilient and less stressed. Instead, she turned her classroom into a lab where students, (my son, Jackson, being one of them,)  were taught mindfulness exercises to help them strengthen their resilience and face challenges with a growth mindset. These invaluable life-skills resonated with Jackson--he discussed 'training his mind' much like doing wind sprints for athletics, and he became more spirited and determined to persevere when difficulties arose. Consequently, it was a year of tremendous growth --and self sufficiency--for Jackson. What Lauren taught my son continues to serve him to this day.”

- Soledad O'Brien, journalist & CEO of Starfish Media Group

"We would call ourselves parents of a child who thrived in Lauren's classroom. She is what you might call a game-changer. Her ideas are probably much more important than any facts a child will learn in a classroom. Our daughter - and subsequently the other two - is taking risks and rebounding from disappointments so fast that before you know it, she has found another success. Lauren can set the foundation for students to enjoy learning, and - most importantly - developing the skills to handle obstacles. The sooner we learn THAT, the sooner we learn ... more. We both wish we had a Lauren when we were growing up!!!" 

- Melissa Errico, singer and actress & Patrick McEnroe, ESPN tennis commentator

"Village School faculty spent a school year fully immersed in wellness education and we were fortunate to welcome Lauren for several insightful, purposeful and poignant presentations. Beyond her obvious knowledge and experience in the work of mindfulness, there exists a natural relatability that draws you in and opens you up to deep conversations. Lauren helps you envision the possibility of growth and change in your teaching practice and in your own life.  Lauren's work has significant reach as my teachers now regularly practice strategies Lauren taught them and our students are the beneficiaries. Lauren is able to see moments with great clarity and she has the ability to help others do the same. She is a gift to all teachers and learners."

- John Evans, HOS, Village School

"Lauren understood our daughter from day one and their connection made it the best year she's ever had in school. Somehow, in the span of one school year, our daughter was able to get a lot better at organizing her work and thoughts, learn more academically than she ever had, and also incorporate mindfulness into how she approaches life. It was a wonderful experience."

- Bradley Tusk, Founder/ CEO, Tusk Holdings


"Lauren is one of those rare people who comes into your life and leaves an indelible impression and makes a lasting contribution. She was my son's teacher in both 2nd and 4th grades, and while he certainly learned to read and do multiplication, what he really learned was how to face the unknown, venture into unfamiliar territory and trust that he had what it takes to master it."

- Parent of a former student

"I have seen Lauren in action as a classroom teacher and leading workshops for teachers and it is clear she not only talks the talk, but she walks the walk (or sits the sit as it may be). Her ability to integrate the latest neurological research and mindfulness techniques into her teaching and classroom management puts her at the forefront of education. I have seen how Lauren's students continue to use the tools she has given them well after they leave her class because it has improved their learning and their lives.  I have used some of Lauren's techniques in my classroom and at home with my own family."

- Barry Blumenfeld, Friends Seminary Faculty, NYU Adjunct Professor & 92Y Dance Ed Laboratory Faculty 

"Lauren equipped our son with more than just essential knowledge about the world. She taught him the joy in personal discovery, quiet contemplation and the beauty of our emotions. In a world driven by distraction, we are immensely grateful for Lauren showing our son the fulfillment that comes from living in the moment and connecting deeply both within and to everything around him. These are lessons we have taken to heart ourselves!"

- Parents of a former student

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Mindfulness Aloud  Testimonials


"I have done various kinds of therapy, in addition to a whole range of somatic work. Of course, each approach had its plusses. However, I really had a breakthrough when I worked with Lauren. Her soothing presence and her gift of weaving together Inner Relationship Focusing and Somatic Experiencing has had a transformative impact on me.

- Marjaneh Halati, UK

"I reached out to Lauren because I was experiencing so much anxiety from a situation at work. It felt totally out of my control and I was getting scared since I love and value my job tremendously. Throughout the session, I experienced such an opening and transformation. By the end of my time with Lauren, I had a plan, an action step, and felt so much relief."

- Jennifer, New Jersey

"When I saw Lauren for the first time I was in a very stressful season of life that involved a lot of change.  A move across states, a career transition, and a breakup and I had lost access to many of my sources of grounding.  The amount of big changes in quick succession landed me in a state of almost constant fight/flight and nothing seemed to be helping. I have seen Lauren many times since our first session and continue to be surprised by how she guides me to my own internal wisdom.  I'm so very grateful for her process and feel it's been much more impactful for me than my decades long work with talk therapy."


- Ashley Paul, New York


“I’m often yearning to go deeper, to get unstuck, and to find my heart, but it’s challenging to connect with my emotions on my own. However, Lauren’s ability to facilitate a deceptively simple process with such warmth and sturdiness has helped me connect with myself and go deeper. Meaningful shifts have arisen - tension has released, expansion has increased, and I am able to take my space.

-  Carol J Turner, Edd Retired Counseling Psychologist, NJ

"I really enjoyed working with Lauren, as she held the space in a very supportive and empathic manner. At the start of my session I was feeling a bit confused and overwhelmed and after my session ended I definitely felt a lot calmer and more open. Lauren has the capacity to be very gentle and unobtrusive, yet fully present whilst facilitating sessions. In fact something in me is in awe of her abilities."

- Adam, London

"I sought out Lauren, because I was immersed in an important life transition and I wanted to live more freely and present within it. In an unhurried, respectful and authentic way, Lauren helped me explore, acknowledge and stay with old feelings about a new situation in ways that naturally brought about healing, integration and deep respect for my earlier experience. A younger me felt seen, heard and understood by myself and by Lauren. There is something about this kind of deep listening, witnessing presence which is so transformative, especially in a 50 minute session.


When I am with Lauren, I do not feel like me or my life is a project that needs fixing. I am seen and accompanied as I am and that brings about inner change that lasts."

- Kayley, Canada

"I found traditional therapy harsh and full of judgment. I didn't like how therapists would try to fix me and how they tried to solve an issue they perceived as my problem. I often felt unheard and, at times, was frustrated when my sessions turned in a direction I found unhelpful or off track. I usually left my sessions feeling upset, foggy and wondering if I got anything out of them.


During my first session with Lauren, I felt completely heard and left my session feeling relaxed, energized and dare I say happy! It was as if a burden was lifted off my shoulders, heart and mind. I've continued working with Lauren and am in awe of this process. It's so effective, subtle and gentle! I've gone from feeling paralyzed by overwhelm, anxiety and self-doubt to feeling much more happy and relaxed. I'm now able to move forward and toward my goals."

 - Theresa, North Carolina

“I went through FOUR major life events so far this year, and it’s only September! Overwhelmed and exhausted, Lauren’s steady voice and intuitive process helped me get curious about, rather than judge, those parts of myself I’d rather ignore. I was immediately able to see why I’d been holding on to that which is already gone. Talk about freeing! That realization provided the deepest breath, creating space and such peace. I’m now more understanding and loving towards myself. Energized too. A win/win!”

 - Jen, New Jersey

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