Teaching/ Tutoring Testimonials 

“Words cannot accurately describe how impressed we were with Lauren's approach to education, which is clearly informed by her meditation practice, knowledge of child development and the latest research in the field of neuroscience. She understood the futility of 'lecturing' students into becoming more resilient or less stressed. Instead, she turned her classroom into a lab where students, (my son, Jackson, being one of them,)  were taught mindfulness exercises to help them strengthen their resilience and face challenges with a growth mindset. These invaluable life-skills resonated with Jackson--he discussed 'training his mind' much like doing wind sprints for athletics, and he became more spirited and determined to persevere when difficulties arose. Consequently, it was a year of tremendous growth --and self sufficiency--for Jackson. What Lauren taught my son continues to serve him to this day.”

- Soledad O'Brien, journalist & CEO of Starfish Media Group

"We would call ourselves parents of a child who thrived in Lauren's classroom. She is what you might call a game-changer.  Her ideas are probably much more important than any facts a child will learn in a classroom. Our daughter - and subsequently the other two - is taking risks and rebounding from disappointments so fast that before you know it, she has found another success. Lauren can set the foundation for students to enjoy learning, and - most importantly - developing the skills to handle obstacles. The sooner we learn THAT, the sooner we learn ... more. We both wish we had a Lauren when we were growing up!!!" 

- Melissa Errico, singer and actress & Patrick McEnroe, ESPN tennis commentator

"Lauren understood our daughter from day one and their connection made it the best year she's ever had in school. Somehow, in the span of one school year, our daughter was able to get a lot better at organizing her work and thoughts, learn more academically than she ever had, and also incorporate mindfulness into how she approaches life. It was a wonderful experience."

- Bradley Tusk, Founder/ CEO, Tusk Holdings

"Lauren began tutoring our son Michael in the summer before he entered middle school.  He was nervous about making the transition from elementary school and not sure he had developed the skills he needed to thrive. Needless to say, we were, too.  Lauren worked wonders for him.  She began by recognizing — and affirming — his strengths, and helping him to do the same.  And then she guided him expertly in discovering ways to address those areas that didn’t come naturally for him, and build the muscle and muscle memory he’d need to truly thrive in 5th grade.  The result: Michael's had a spectacular year.  But Lauren’s impact has gone so far beyond what he — and we — expected.  She’s ignited his passion; she’s piqued his curiosity; she’s helped him discover new strengths he didn’t know he had.  Michael's ending 5th grade on a high, happy and engaged at school, and carrying bundles of confidence into the summer and beyond.  He and we are so thankful for Lauren and for everything she’s done to help make it happen."

- Parents of a 5th grader


"...You should know that I am so impressed by your work. I’ve had plenty of experiences with tutors over the years and you really do stand out. Your summaries have provided a very good, clear idea of how you spend your time together. You have a wonderfully creative style and a light hand, especially good with a boy like Alex, who could have opted out so easily."

- Grandparent of a 6th grader


"Lauren is one of those rare people who comes into your life and leaves an indelible impression and makes a lasting contribution. She was my son's teacher in both 2nd and 4th grades, and while he certainly learned to read and do multiplication, what he really learned was how to face the unknown, venture into unfamiliar territory and trust that he had what it takes to master it."

- Parent of a former student

"I have seen Lauren in action as a classroom teacher and leading workshops for teachers and it is clear she not only talks the talk, but she walks the walk (or sits the sit as it may be). Her ability to integrate the latest neurological research and mindfulness techniques into her teaching and classroom management puts her at the forefront of education. I have seen how Lauren's students continue to use the tools she has given them well after they leave her class because it has improved their learning and their lives.  I have used some of Lauren's techniques in my classroom and at home with my own family."

- Barry Blumenfeld, Friends Seminary Faculty, NYU Adjunct Professor & 92Y Dance Ed Laboratory Faculty 

"Lauren equipped our son with more than just essential knowledge about the world. She taught him the joy in personal discovery, quiet contemplation and the beauty of our emotions. In a world driven by distraction, we are immensely grateful for Lauren showing our son the fulfillment that comes from living in the moment and connecting deeply both within and to everything around him. These are lessons we have taken to heart ourselves!"

- Parents of a former student

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Meditation Teacher Testimonials 

"After several transformative experiences of Lauren’s mindfulness meditations, I can say that her teaching has wisdom, warmth and compassion. She is a skillful and eloquent guide helping us explore our own inner capacity for peace and healing."

- Susanna Nicholson, Certified Duke University Health Coach & Meditation Teacher at The Tibet House

New York City

"Being guided through meditation by Lauren feels like a gift. Her completely nonjudgmental approach creates a safe, much-needed breathing space in the midst of life's day-to-day chaos. The prospect of sitting with one's thoughts and feelings can seem overwhelming, but Lauren's clear, down-to-earth style makes it very doable. Her insightful techniques are tailored to what I need in a given moment. And the brief passages and poems she selects to share have consistently had me feeling both a profound a-ha and a deep knowing at the same time."

- Kristin Sutter, RYT-200, TCTSY-F

Milwaulkee, Wisconsin 

“Lauren has a knack for helping meditation feel accessible and available to anyone. She strikes a great balance between discussing/teaching meditative techniques and leading practitioners into an embodied meditative experience. The wealth of knowledge that Lauren has accumulated through her own meditation practice and training is evident in the way she approaches her coaching and tailoring her approach to the needs of each individual. Her gentle, warm presence allowed me to drop into a meditative space with ease, and the level of comfort I felt working with her was profound.”

- Julie Teng, Registered Dietitian and Somatic Psychotherapist

Vancouver, British Columbia

"I’m someone who had never done meditation before, and wasn’t sure what the experience would be/feel like. Lauren’s guided meditation (she has the most soothing voice) has been supportive, enlightening, calming, inspiring, and truly a spacious gift!"

- Jeanette


"From the very beginning, I was given permission to be imperfect in my meditation and not try to achieve anything, let alone perfect stillness or a perfectly empty mind and that was very liberating. Lauren guided me through a body-based meditation, and it was as if on an intuitive level she knew where the tense points were. The construction site noise from across the street quickly became a non-issue and strangely I no longer noticed it. I quickly reached a rather deep meditative state and, after our session, I was left with a pleasant sense of serenity."


- Luca

New York City

"I was genuinely interested in practicing mindfulness meditation but didn't know where to start.  Lauren's approach was very educational. She created a structure that enabled me to maintain my focus and become aware of my thoughts. Even though the session was conducted over FaceTime, I was surprised that it felt no different than being together in the same room. Lauren helped me grasp how to bring mindfulness into my daily life, and it is reassuring to know she can help me with my practice no matter the distance between us."

- Estee

Amsterdam, Netherlands

“My mindfulness session with Lauren was really wonderful. Her warm energy, kind presence and soothing voice helped me drop into the guided meditation. Her compassionate nature made it easy for me to connect with self-compassion during a R.A.I.N practice we did together, which she led very skillfully. The whole experience was insightful, fun and really made my day.”

- Bjarney Hinriksdóttir

Reykjavík, Iceland

"The first time I met with Lauren I immediately felt at ease because I knew I was in good hands. Not only is she an experienced and skilled meditation facilitator, but she’s also a gentle, kind soul who brings peace, warmth, and tranquility to everyone she meets! Lauren’s voice is soothing and comforting - just listening to it brought my stress levels down. She led me through a meditation, which brought me to ‘another state of mind’- one that was far more relaxed and centered than when I’d begun the session.  Upon finishing my meditation, Lauren made me a personalized recording, which I'm excited to use as I begin a daily practice."   

- Alessia

New York City

"Thank you Lauren for an amazing meditation experience! Your insight and inquiry into limiting beliefs was powerful and enlightening. Hope many others experience your skill, warm heart and commitment to emotional and spiritual growth and balance. I look forward to the next experience."

- Lori

New York City

Pilates Instructor Testimonials 

“Lauren has a very calm, caring and holistic approach to her teaching. Her deep knowledge of anatomy, functional movement, and the nervous system make you feel more aligned, balanced, and grounded. She is a unique gem to find in the Pilates world.”

- Claire

New York City

"I came to Lauren having done a lot of work on my body already— particularly in my hip and pelvic area where I carried my stress and trauma. Lauren helped me to take what I learned and modified it even more to maximize and support the work I was doing with my Pelvic PT. And to this day it has helped me to maintain all that work I’ve done and continues to inform how I understand my body."

- Lydia

New York City

"Lauren was one of the best Pilates instructors I have ever had.  She really listened and created exercises around what my body needed, adapting and supporting me throughout each session.  She was thoughtful and helpful in her work with me.  I always left having learned new stretches for home and feeling more relaxed, fully stretched, and better prepared for the rest of my day!"

- Amanda

New York City

"I was lucky to find Lauren during a difficult transition period in my life. She patiently and adeptly guided me through an introduction to Pilates and helped me feel more physically and emotionally grounded."

- Elana

New York City

"Brand new to Pilates, I had the good fortune of meeting Lauren. She is both gracious and encouraging. I immediately liked how she engaged my interest in feeling AND thinking through the movements. Her intuition and knowledge of the body impressed me, and she always brought joy to the learning process."

- Nan

New York City

"Lauren brought an insightful understanding of both the mind and body to our work. She listened carefully and tailored the exercises she led me through to meet my specific needs."

- Bethany

New York City