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Company Visits

Mindfulness has become mainstream! Companies such as Google, Intel, General Mills, Aetna, Target and others now offer mindfulness programs for their employees. I have worked with Human Resource departments at other organizations to create and lead mindfulness classes to help support their employees.

These talks and meditations are geared toward helping professionals develop resilience, foster creativity, collaborate more effectively, and enhance a felt sense of well-being despite challenges. Mindfulness practices can help support us when...

  • responding to an email

  • returning a call

  • giving a presentation

  • working with peers

  • sharing an idea

  • offering feedback

  • receiving feedback

There's a Tibetan saying, "Small moments, many times." The every day demands in the workplace offer a wealth of opportunities to practice mindfulness in short, yet meaningful, bursts. Ultimately, it's our ability to respond, rather than react, to life's stressors that helps us maintain our balance as we pursue our goals.

Here are a few articles that speak to the benefits of bringing mindfulness into the workplace -

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